Marketing Collateral

We hired Fletchergraphics to do a logo design for us. From step 1, the creative director was a consummate professional, and just really seemed to get what we were wanting. FG delivered us precisely what we envisioned in top-notch quality, in a very timely manner, at an excellent price, and we will utilize FG for any of our needs in the future. We definitely loved the work we saw on his website compared to other offers for work, and the flat fee is an excellent way to do business in our opinion. You are always left wondering if they really spent the time that is claimed on a per hour fee (at least we are). A flat fee completely removes that possibility and provides immediate comfort not having to worry about that.

There was not one issue from the time we selected FG, till the time we finished. I honestly cannot express how happy we are with the work FG did for us. Thank you FG! I cannot imagine if you are not sure who to select for a job, how you would ever go wrong with Fletchergraphics.

Rebecca G.