E-mail Marketing

Basics of Creating Successful E-mail Marketing

Understanding how to get started with email marketing is a daunting challenge. So many questions need to be answered prior to diving in. Do you need an email service provider? Which service provider is right for you? Getting comfortable with templates and the basic terminology takes time. There are many providers out there, but I recommend starting your search with Mailchimp.com, ReachMail.net and ConstantContact.com, especially if you are working within a tight budget.

Getting Subscribers
The first step to any email marketing campaign is getting subscribers. Without subscribers you'll never get a chance to learn and grow as an email marketer. There are many ways to gather e-mail addresses. I prefer to start with an integration of sign-up boxes within your Facebook page, blog and/or web site. Also keep your existing clients, mentors and colleague e-mails updated and close to your campaign list as well.

Creating Content
Writing great emails, as with any content, requires time and effort. There's so much to think about, from the subject line to the body copy to the call to action. Establishing yourself as an expert in your field and putting it into content that people can use is a job within itself. The best way to engaging and convert customers is to build trust by sending emails that matter to them as individuals. Always ask yourself “would I like to receive this email”. (continued below)

The subject line is all about context. A good subject line will setup the rest of your email and increase not only the open rate but the conversion rate. While Fletchergraphics would be more than happy to help you, here are a few tips in regard to your subject line: 

    1.    Don’t put you company name in the subject, wasting valuable space. Do put it in the ‘from address’.  
    2.    Ensure the first few lines and the title of your email content are relevant. Many email templates have text similar to ‘View in browser’ right at the top. This is the line that shows up in the ‘preview’ section of your recipients’ email clients.
    3.    Always Test all three components. Send yourself a preview before you send out your campaign. 

Supporting Artwork
Your designer can jazz your e-mail up and make the difference between an e-mail that goes straight to their trash or gets forwarded to 10 of their colleagues. Don't go cheap on your designer - he or she will be a difference maker. If you do not currently have an internal designer or a contractor, feel free to download Fletchergraphics' guide on "How to find a freelancer." 

Track Your Results
If you're not tracking your results then you are flying blind. Opens and clicks are important, but conversions are the key. Opens, clicks and conversions are the three most important metrics when it comes to any single email campaign. Getting customers to convert is the ultimate goal, but measuring clicks and opens allows you to understand where along the funnel customers are getting lost and improve each step in turn. 

Need More Information?
Providers: Mailchimp.com | ConstantContact.com | Reachmail.net
E-mail Campaign Specialists: Fletchergraphics.com | joel@fletchergraphics.com